MIO BLU 9 - Limited Edition 1 of 5 Art Print by Ivana Vidić

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Art Description

Printmaking: Digital, graphic, print, Paper on Paper.

Prints from my solo exhibition entitled "MIO BLU"
French word for blue - azure, as well as Romanian azure and azurian, Italian azurra, Polish lazur and Spanish and Portuguese azul, etymologically come from the name lapis lazuli. Lapis is the Latin word for stone, and the lazuli comes from Arabic, meaning the heavens, the sky, and so blue. The lapis lazuli is a blue stone, the celestial stone and in human consciousness is always connected with ultramarine blue. This mystic blue as the night sky is sprinkled with stars due to the presence of anion, which, passing from the most molecular orbit to the lowest, leads to a strong absorption of light waves of a certain length. These absorbed waves are ultramarine dyes of lazuli. Divine blue is captured light energy of a certain wavelength. The heavenly heavens are present in the stone that their human eyes are admired and desiring to reach them and be worthy of them.
Blue as a wise view of the Egyptian statues and the palace of the Sumerian gods. Blue as ice in the winter morning while reflecting the sun's air through the dark purple sky. It is dark blue as a winter that slowly drops out of a springy spring and life accelerates, ready to flow out like a torrent of melted ice. The color of the lapis is the beginning of life and the awakening of emotions.
In contemporary spiritual interpretations, the lapis lazuli is because of its blue color a stone of trust, a complex relationship in which it is necessary and to believe and trust us. By its operation, it is best shown by the time of the year when the sun's energy is still weak in winter fences, and life is about to blow (end of February and beginning of March). It is a time when faith is necessary, confidence in the energy of nature to regenerate.
Lapis lazuli has always been a stone of kings, he symbolized nobility. Dark blue shades of blue help us understand and accept compassion and respect as a way of behaving in our everyday life. He teaches us the virtues of humanity, discretion, and honor. Ultramarine blue color of the lapis helps us to behave serenely, to focus our actions on the needs of our neighbors, to be gentle towards the people around us.



MIO BLU 9 - Limited Edition 1 of 5

Ivana Vidić



Size: 7.3 W x 5.5 H x 0 in

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