The city where the castles in the air reached the sky - Limited Edition 1 of 25 Art Print

Annemarie Petri


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About The Art Print

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Art Print, "The city where the castles in the air reached the sky - Limited Edition 1 of 25," by Annemarie Petri, available for purchase at $540 USD. Original Art Print: Etching on Paper.

The invisible cities The title of this series is derived from the novel by Italo Calvino in which Marco Polo reports on his travels to Kublai Khan. It takes a while until the emperor understands that he is listening to stories about cities that do not really exist at all... The cities in which we live in reality have expanded throughout the centuries influenced by a wide range of factors: poverty, prosperity, climate, wars, population growth, political and economic changes, and natural disasters. All these factors combined determine how the city has turned out. Just like Calvino's cities, these etched cities do not exist in reality. Every city shows only one of the many aspects that usually constitute a city. Titles such as ‘the straightforward city’ or ‘the city where the people kept looking at life from different angles’ refer to the residents' philosophies and lifestyles, pushed to extremes. Other cities do look very much like the cities we know, such as ‘the city where the people considered working more important than being happy’. How many cities are there where people's lives are completely subordinate to the economic interest of the local plant? By enlarging this and looking at it in a different way, you suddenly realize just how crazy it is. Art is not a representation of reality but rather a means to make people look at this reality in a different way, discover the freedom in themselves and perceive new possibilities.