Untitled (Dishes-Varying Edition) - Limited Edition 1 of 4

United States

Size: 17 H x 11 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Printmaking: Lithograph and Watercolor on Paper.

This work is a black and white lithograph with watercolor. Dishes are a common theme throughout my work. For me, they respresent the ever pressing to-do list hovering in the mind of every American woman. They are a steady reminder that no matter what we are enduring, the world continues to spin and there is, at all times, much to be done.

Keywords: Printmaking, Watercolor, Dishes, Home, Kitchen, Lithograph, Lithography, Bailey Wingler

Subjects: Kitchen

Styles: Illustration, Folk, Expressionism

Mediums: Lithograph, Watercolor

Materials: Paper

Prints: Kitchen Art Prints, Illustration Art Prints, Folk Art Prints, Expressionism Art Prints, Lithograph Art Prints, Watercolor Art Prints, Paper Art Prints