Yard Poem - Limited Edition of 1 Art Print by Valerie Perreault

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Art Description

Printmaking: Monotype on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

**This piece comes with 1" pocket rods along the top and bottom of the art. The piece ships with two 3/4" dowels that can be slid into these pockets and used for hanging.

Artist Statement for this collection:

“Astral Luggage,” the title of this most recent collection, plays at the threshold of poetry and visual art. We all have a private language that is packed away within the body. This strange language is at the heart of the stories we tell ourselves. It is also the self-talk at the root of every poem I have written. This language is fascinating to me and I believe it should be experienced unfiltered and beyond the confines of Calibri or Cambria.

What I’m saying is, simple poetry on paper meant for a tidy book felt too rigid and formal for the nature of these words, so I made these large, messy, fabric and paper pieces (and the 20 others in this collection) as an act of freedom and, perhaps, rebellion. The artist Mira Schendel, whose work showed me in an instant that there was room for strange language in visual art, also inspires me to move forward with these projects.

To create the art I kept a small journal and recorded the things I said to myself, especially the quiet lines that I often repeat, like a prayer or mantra, to calm myself or talk myself from one moment to the next. This went on for about six months, and I was often surprised by what I wrote down. Some of the lines felt more “alive” than others and those are ones that I selected.

The imperfect trace monotype aesthetic —inky, messy, complicated yet simple—mirrors the internal space where words and poetry are formed and stored. The technique used to create these pieces (trace monotype) involves rolling ink onto a plate and then placing the medium directly onto the ink. Then the art is drawn backward and blindly onto the back of the paper/fabric. The blind and backward technique seemed only natural given the often foreign and confusing landscape of internal language. I chose fabric for many of these pieces as a further departure from the “poetry goes on paper” rule.

It is my hope that people who experience these pieces will feel both the intrigue of another human’s hidden landscape and also an interest in their own, perhaps asking questions like, “What exactly is it that I say myself all day long?” and “What does this language say about how I approach the world?” My vision was that a person could stand in the middle of these pieces as they draped around her as a metaphorical way to experiences what it is like to be inside my thoughts.



Yard Poem - Limited Edition of 1

Valerie Perreault

United States


Size: 36 W x 72 H x 0.1 in

Ships in a Tube

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Artist featured in a collection

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