Zero with Flying Fish, #12 Zero Series Art Print by Stephen Faulk

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Art Description

Printmaking: Woodcut, Stencil, Ink, Tempera on Paper.

This work is in a private collection. I'm showing it as an example of the Zero Sen Series

The Zero Sen series works with images of the famous Zero fighter airplane. I have made about 25 original works in this series so far. The work is made by painting directly on the paper and then printing with wood blocks on top of the paint surface. An image is arrived at over time by over painting the images and reprinting until the image feels finished.

This painting is made on washi, a Japanese paper. The shape is due to the type of paper, it's painted on a paper wrapping for kimono. Kimono are stored in this kind of paper. It's called a 'Tautoushi'. The paper is very good quality and I have chosen to paint on it for a few reasons.

I like the way the paper hangs without a frame. I clip the paintings to thin lath of wood that is fastened to the wall. The collector may of course hand the work creatively in their own space as they wish. I'm happy to give advice about hanging issues and techniques.



Zero with Flying Fish, #12 Zero Series

Stephen Faulk



Size: 34 W x 40 H x 0.1 in

This artwork is not for sale.