A Tribute to the Goddess:The Veneration of time Sculpture by Isla Mackenzie-Doyle

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A Tribute to the Goddess:The Veneration of time

Isla Mackenzie-Doyle


Size: 4.5 W x 3.5 H x 3.5 D in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Bronze on Bronze.

I have always been fascinated by ancient cultures, especially the amazing treasures from ancient Egypt. These pieces are my tribute to the Gayer-Anderson cat, thought to be from 600BCE.

The skill of the artisans who produced these items is awe inspiring. Polishing bronze until it shines like the sun in the Egyptian heat must have been a true act of devotion.

Bastet, adored and venerated by the Egyptians. The original GayerAnderson cat is now in the British Museum, on display for a new age of adoration as a wonderful survivor of time.

Over the thousands of years in the tomb, the little oxygen there was and the oils on the surface of the bronze, have created a rich patina. The artisans and devotees who handled this magnificent object left their trace over time.

Cast bronze with hand chased detail, this is a one-off piece, sold together.


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