AS ABOVE SO BELOW Sculpture by May pole

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Art Description

Sculpture: Fabric, Household, Rubber, Environmental, Found Objects on Canvas, Plastic, Stone, Other.

As with the other recent works I have just uploaded here.

My current inspiration circulates around the concept of a sense of contradiction. And how we arrive at one point that appears to come from different points of reference to itself.
But on closer inspection they are very similar in origins as like that of heads or tails of a coin.

The difference however MAYPOLE suggests is the edge of the coin and an in-between or the gap or space of the coin's edge that decides its preference if it where to be tossed in the air during this momentarily activity therein it plays it advantage until itself'' and its own chaotic laws that differ its outcome on falling to the surface of heads or tails.

In this case within MAYPOLE'S suggestion and his work he suggests this title ''As above so Below'

There in he states there belies a certain reality of a certain freedom and space and a gap of its own outcome and what that outcome maybe thats separated in part and in essence by its design and edge of the coin and how it falls.

MAYPOLE'' States his interest lays in the foundation in a similar way to that like a seed before that of the tree or the seed of a thought or sensation before its action.
Its first grounded and takes up root in a ''spacey'' feeling or is inspired and fed by sight or smell or sound that surrounds its vacuum of possibilities.
it then takes up a place that moves away from the in-between stage of a flipped coin metaphorically speaking and becomes a something passed over to itself as a natural inclination or natural law until its nature.

Its this in-between stage MAYPOLE claims that for a moment holds the power of its raw nature within itself that interests him. He claims that this nothing stage is really something to be reckoned with that holds the sway of authority and power, like that before an atom becomes split.

This take on this work above 'MAYPOLE' as used humble materials he finds around him to explore his concepts in visuals.



May pole



Size: 8 W x 27 H x 1 in

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