ASCENSION ("opulent frieze") Sculpture by Andre Paul Croteau

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Art Description

Sculpture: Resin, Color, Textile, Found Objects, Lights on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other, Plastic, Glass.

Hand-poured resin layers with sculpted textile collage and objects.

This particular piece was an initial study for a much larger wall installation which measured 6' x 6'. I called it "Ascension" because its' movement was intended to echo the rise of the dramatic staircase it was mounted high above. As well, "Ascension" verbally reflects the elevation in my abilities that it foretold.

The piece is an important milestone for me because it was part of the path that lead me to working on a much grander scale. As with those 20th century "Colorfield" painters that chose to work on a large scale, it was only after I went big that I experienced what my color explorations had the potential to evoke.

The study of “color and light” has long held an interest for me. Initially, I was looking for a contemporary sensibility, within which to capture my love for the brilliance of stained glass. In the end, through much trial and error, I’ve coined a unique, shining and organic genre of my own.

I refer to the pieces I create as “opulent friezes”. On the surface, they’re perfect, glassy panels, but as one looks more-closely, a deeply sculptural interior is revealed, one which reflects and refracts light, in varying degrees, to create a happy, opulent, undulating world. My work’s not about social commentary… rather, its’ sole intention is to evoke a glossy, shiny sense of life, energy and well-being for those that experience them.

That’s not to say there’s not a deeper, more-personal expressionist conversation going on, beneath the surface. The genesis of every “visual exploration” is a conceptual destination that points my process in a particular aesthetic direction. But in the end, I don’t try to firmly control the outcome. Rather, I allow each piece to pragmatically evolve until it reaches its’ own peaceful conclusion… when it’s finally “at rest”. Afterwards, a more-random, chemical transformation continues-on, right until the point at which the composition becomes frozen in time, forever.


ASCENSION ("opulent frieze")

Andre Paul Croteau

United States


Size: 23 W x 23 H x 0.8 in

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