Abstract in Yellow (Pita Plastica) Sculpture by Kurtis Brand

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Abstract in Yellow (Pita Plastica)

Kurtis Brand

United States


Size: 30 W x 30 H x 2 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: string, twine, Wood on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Plastic, Wood.

My story:

After the birth of our daughter, we decided to take an extended 4 month vacation from NYC to the sublimely serene and beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Lacking the ability to find quality art materials to make my abstract paintings, I decided to start making art from whatever I could find locally. After this transition, my art was forever changed, and I was so enamored with the people and culture of Guatemala that we decided to make this our home.

Pita Plastica is what the locals use throughout Central America for packing everything imaginable and carrying their wares to and from the local markets.

I choose to work with this material because it is constantly evolving. The way the light is absorbed and reflected causes the work to subtly change throughout the day.

Because the work uses a common commercially made material that has a beautiful and subtle sheen to it, the pieces have a strange familiarity and pop-like feel to them. The use of contemporary geometric abstract compositions lend them a sleek modernity.

This series of work is currently being exhibited around Guatemala and has been sold to collectors world wide.

*This is an international shipment. Just to be on the safe side, please allow 4-6 weeks shipping for this work. It's worth it!



Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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