Aesthetic of Fears Sculpture by Dorry Hsu

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Art Description

Sculpture: Digital, Plastic, Color, 3D Sculpting on Plastic.

Limited edition 20

Aesthetic of Fears is a series of 3D printing sculpture with the message I would like to share with my audience - fear can be seen as positive motivation of life. Only if people choose to face it and understand it. Through understanding my personal fears in 40 days, the more I traced the reasons of causing my fears the more I questioned myself - who am I ? The truth behind this physical body where can feel pain and cause fears.

With the technology of haptic arm enables me to create the most complex form by 3D printing. Combined my background of photography enables me to complete the concept by image. The complex, chaotic and insect like form wearing as body adornment is like inside out the emotion over the surface of human body than hidden inside the body. It is a continuous project. The creating process is a healing process. It is starting from sharing the experiences. The mask like pacifier represents the childhood, bronze casting sculpture represents the anger of understanding fears; the latest self portrait paper printing sculptures goes back to the fundemental question - Who am I ?



Aesthetic of Fears

Dorry Hsu

United Kingdom


Size: 6 W x 8 H x 3.5 in

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