Anatomy of a thought Sculpture by Nueleanu Bogdan

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Bronze, Stone, Color, stainless steel on Bronze, Stainless Steel, Stone.

The work "Anatomy of a Thought" is made of bronze in combination with stainless steel, with the help of welding in a protective gas medium, and is mounted on a brown granite pedestal.
The "Anatomy of a Thought" refers to the form of a synapse, the place where physical thought is born through these organic connections, a place that still raises questions and faces the scientific world. The work translates into three-dimensional the organic form of a thought that can be distinguished in a probably future with the help of science but which is left from now to be read through art.
Although the work refers to a vicious part of the body, transposed into reality, it has an abstract three-dimensional drawing character that preserves a rule of composition, in this drawing the line, the spot and the point beeing all toghether. Another feature that the work possesses is that of chromatic contrast based on the chromatic valences of the metals from which it is made.


Anatomy of a thought

Nueleanu Bogdan



Size: 17.7 W x 28 H x 12.6 in

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