Backbiter Sculpture by Sam Shendi

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Art Description

Sculpture: Fiberglass, Paint, Resin on Other.


Every child in the mother’s womb starts as though it is an abstract form and keeps changes until it becomes recognizable as a human baby. Every artist when they begin their artwork takes a journey, starting from abstraction and manipulates the medium they are using to complete their artwork in a similar way. Where as a baby develops over 9 months for the artist it can take years. Only the artist can know when their artwork is complete. Nobody else can influence this completion.

Looking to artists in the past, particularly Rodin some of his artworks contain more details than others. Whether the artwork has fewer details or more, to the artist it is still complete. Modern painters show the same progression. The paintings of Jackson Pollock despite being abstractions, some have multi colours, others have just a single colour. Mondrian used blocks of multi colours and lines in his paintings in others just lines.

The rudimentary collection lies between starting the artwork and before completion. My purpose behind this collection was in the exploration of the process of when an artwork is completed.

At the outset of creating with clay the end result may already be in mind and so the clay is manipulated to achieve the end result. Within this process each stage could be translated into a sculptural form by itself.

In this collection, I had the female form in the back of my mind but somehow when I start making them I stopped half way through carving them. I found it hard to keep looking at the piece when I know it isn’t the form I imagined. But I insisted on finishing it where is. As it is, no additions or subtractions from what the shape has turned out to be. No symmetry, no accuracy but essential that the form is balanced and stable. When you look at the sculpture you will feel that it is meant to look like this. For me, the pieces in this collection will always be the figurative form remaining in its basic primitive form.




Sam Shendi

United Kingdom


Size: 70.9 W x 66.9 H x 47.2 in

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