Bullying Sculpture by Isadora Cunningham Reyna

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Art Description

Sculpture: Bronze, Fiberglass, Metal, Resin, Wood on Bronze, Iron, Plastic, Wood.

"Bullying" was created to visualise the effects off bullying and express the pain and heat this has on an individual. If you could see the damage your words have; every time your told your ugly; a cut, every time your told your fat; a burn, every time your told you should die; a bullet wound. It might not be visually there but it hurts the same.

Sculpted with air drying clay and casted in silicone. The piece is then moulded out of resin pigmented bronze and iron. The dimensions of the sculpture including the handmade wooden stand measuring 5.5cm in heigh with a chocolate gloss varnish is 18cm x 13cm x 30cm and weighs 2Kgs.

There will only be 30 copies made off the piece, once they are sold the mould will be destroyed. With each sculpture you will receive an authenticity certificate which will contain the number of your unique copy.

Please be aware, each sculpture is casted and made to order.

Collection:Mental Health.



Isadora Cunningham Reyna

United Kingdom


Size: 7.1 W x 11.8 H x 5.1 in

This artwork is not for sale.