Carmyn - the musical skeleton Sculpture by Colleen Galeazzi

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Carmyn the "Musical Skeleton"
Carmyn the "Musical Skeleton"

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Carmyn - the musical skeleton

Colleen Galeazzi

United States


Size: 24 W x 67 H x 24 in

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Carmyn - the musical skeleton

Colleen Galeazzi


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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Found Objects, Sound, Wood on Stainless Steel, Wood, Other.

This work, Carmyn, was inspired by the complexity and beauty of the human body. It represents the bond between universal music and the human anatomy. Music has a heart and lifelines that surpass the superficial veil of sound. The body also encompasses the spirit and energy that mingle with the notes of life. I hope that the viewers of this art piece can see how the musical instruments that were used to create it, have not died but have been transformed into a representation of life.