Cash Crop 1 Sculpture by Talal Faisal Ismaili

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Art Description

Sculpture: Clay, Metal, Plaster, Steel, Lights on Steel, Iron, Cardboard, Aluminium, Carbon Fibre.

This work is a depiction of the actual state of affairs in the parochial society i belong to. This troubled condition of the citizens, mentally, culturally, socially and politically is directly linked to the baggage we bring with us, decisions of the past that have led us here today, a land where sectarianism, terrorism, blasphemy killings are persistent..
If we go further back in history, the single root cause of conflicts today was the emergence of the state back in 1947, Islam being the founding pillar of the state, rather than being a secular one, meaning unnecessary imposition of religion on people that has shown it's true colors in the form of violence today..
These 5 decapitated figures are bearded men, made out of wheat, it being our cashcrop, the spine of our agriculture based economy..


Cash Crop 1

Talal Faisal Ismaili



Size: 8.5 W x 36 H x 9.5 in

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