De La Serie Espacio Infinito- " Dimensiones Paralelas" Sculpture by Cristóbal Guzmán

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Steel on Stainless Steel.

Cristóbal Guzmán began his higher education in design in 1998. In 2001, he abandoned his design studies to begin his academic training in Visual Arts. Upon graduation, he began his teaching career, first as an assistant professor and then as a Sculpture Professor.

His interest in art was evident from an early age. As the son of a visual arts teacher, he grew up painting, modeling clay, and building different things since he was a child. Drawing and painting were always the main outlets for his expressive ideas. Over the years, he became increasingly interested in sculpture because he considered it an expressive form that brought together all the qualities needed to incorporate the ideas, concepts, and techniques that inspired his creative interests. For him, sculpture is a physical and three-dimensional object, which has a conceptual weight and occupies a real space which turns it into something that represents something, while at the same time, being that something.

Throughout his career he has experimented with different materials and sculptural techniques. As a student he carved wood and stones using the classical sculptural method of subtraction. The materials’ “vocation,” in accordance with the desired forms and results, led him to change the medium and his technique. Direct carving was replaced by with the use of cut, welded, and painted steel sheets in what is called the "Constructivist Method," in which different sections are produced and then put together to form a whole.

His works have always displayed a strong abstract character. In them, he investigates and develops concepts such as Space, Movement, Speed, Transcendence, and Infinity, via the articulation of planes, colors, reflections, and spaces that will create volumes within a visual language of a geometric nature.

For him, geometry has a spiritual and metaphysical sense, since it connects us with the Creator who is in Everything and is Everything. This can be seen in the smallest manifestations of the universe, such as atoms, and also in the largest ones, such as galaxies, solar systems, and planetary orbits.

He has received awards and distinctions and has also held individual exhibitions and has participated in various group exhibitions. His works can be found in private collections and in public spaces.




De La Serie Espacio Infinito- " Dimensiones Paralelas"

Cristóbal Guzmán



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