Esteri Sculpture by Paul Moschell

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Paul Moschell

United States


Size: 11 W x 29 H x 10 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Ceramic, Fabric, New Media, Found Objects, Acrylic on Ceramic, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Glass, Other.

Esteri is a Finnish ballerina. She is opulent, graceful, edgy, and absolutely beautiful.
I am currently so in love with this piece and all of the stunning details. A beautiful color palette and beautiful adornments from all over the world. I can touch on a few of the elements that make up Esteri.
Her head is porcelain and her disassembled mismatched vintage hard plastic body is covered with metallic trims from the early 1900’s. Some really beautiful pieces with rich color and texture. I striped Esteri’s arms and legs with decoupaged pieces from an antique Finnish catechism book and finished them off with beading and vintage jewelry.
I painted sleek and pink eyebrows for Esteri that highlight her hand crafted glass eyes from Germany that are sewn into her head. I love that one eye is larger than the other. Piercing. I did a green painted lip and added more Swarovski crystals and petite thrift store earrings.
On her forehead I attached a hand embroidered forget-me-not pin cushion and stabbed it with a variety of large antique hat pins. Two of these pins are mourning portrait pins of a beautiful mother and father who have passed away (a stunning and rare detail). Next to the cushion is a vintage flower drawer pull and then more metallic trims.
Esteri’s incredible curly ringlet dreadlocks are a mix pink and gun metal tarnish flatware knotty shapeshifter fibers. Absolute fiber art adorned with antique tribal buttons in varied silver tarnish finishes. They remind me of colorful octopus tentacles. Absolutely breathtaking and also fun to play with.
Esteri’s tutu was part of a full vintage ballerina costume that included a bodice but I simply detached the skirt and then used powdered pigments, rhinestones, waxed cord, a vintage butterfly and old millinery leaved and berries in lavender.
I wrapped her legs with antique metallic trims and waxed cord and ribbon and then added some vintage cloth lingerie buttons. And of course her old glitter Helen Of Troy ballerina slippers set in place.
An absolute head turning beauty. And one hell of a dancer.
Esteri hangs from heavy duty monofilament so she can twirl from your ceiling.
A one of a kind delight for the most distinguished collector.
Enjoy, Paul