Fetish of the Soma Sanctum (Power Figure) Sculpture by Iain Sommerville

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Art Description

Sculpture: Fabric, Paint, Resin, Plastic, Found Objects on Other, Wood.

Magical objects, particularly those made in emulation of the human body, hold a deep fascination for me.

What compels the artist to observe and fashion likenesses of the human form? Why are we so magnetised by these uncanny imitations? Observation of the countless methods by which such effigies are created, the rationale behind their ritualised fabrication and each figure's intended function presents limitless possibility to the sculptor who seeks to find meaning and motive for what might be considered a naive or, perhaps even, irrational compulsion.

Nkisi Nkondi of the Congo, Japanese Hōko dolls, the Poppits, Shandy Danns and Jenny Hanivers of the Britsh folk tradition, the ancestral Rambaramp of the Pacific Isles or Ana Deo of Indonesia. Every effigy possesses its own power, serves its own purpose, tells its own story.



Fetish of the Soma Sanctum (Power Figure)

Iain Sommerville

United Kingdom


Size: 24 W x 28 H x 17.5 in

This artwork is not for sale.