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Four legends


Size: 11 H x 11.2 W x 1.9 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood, Woodcut, relief, writings and Acrylic on Wood.

This work is made from wood. It is assembled of pieces of wood which are processed by hand. All pieces have incisions and cuts to look like of some kind of recording signs or mnemonic script. Some of wood pieces are painted by acrylic colors.
I see my works from this series as a blank groups of signs or blank script, something like asemic script. I make image of writing, not writing to be read so puzzle is inevitably present in this works. I like that spark of enigma that some people have when they come into contact with my art. In modern and postmodern art there are a lot of artists who were exploring similar things. I can’t say that I am directly influenced by some artist, I would rather see my art as combination of various inspirations. Some are from history of civilizations; some are from history of art; some are facts and sensations from world around me.

Keywords: Record, Tally Stick, Script, Blocks, Square, Woodcut, Writings, Incisions, Cuts, Asemic, Abstract, Mosaic

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, asemic, Minimalism, Modern, Pop Art

Mediums: Wood, Woodcut, relief, writings, Acrylic

Materials: Wood

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