Gautama de Boeddha Sculpture by Robert Pennekamp

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Sculpture: Paint, Fiberglass, Plastic, Acrylic, rubber on Plastic, Other.

Gautama the Buddha is an example of a concept that continues to grow. It started with a picture, which has become installation, performance and more. The inspirational book about Buddhism, Psychotherapy and Art gives new perspectives again. It has among its inspiration prevailed for me. Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art is an interesting book. Relationship about art and life. The book is alsovery timely, offering a way to approach Buddhism through unexpected channels. Authors: Jacqueline Baas and Mary Jane Jacob. Unfortunately sold out. The essence of the project was the manual, which was how the image or the installation had to be used and exhibited. but there were also all the sketches, thoughts, brainstorming sessions and wild ideas.

 The sequel to Gautama the Buddha; the installation ? What is the meaning of all this? It has to do with the crisis? Whether it goes to buy, buy, buy ... Or is it just something different? What are the reactions of fellow artists, who will have to pay there. Who is the hare? And what a surprise it will be to again come into play ... What will take the audience .... And I will come as a sex object or not? If it is now clear what is going to happen ... And you should indeed a hat, otherwise it can sometimes go wrong. Or is it more just a matter of filling out a questionnaire. And most importantly .... An appropriate title I have not. Should it ? Yes. So coming yet, maybe later. It is, after all, the title that will make people come. But should there be men? And if they do not come, we do not get a better video or TV recording? It is clear what is possible has consequences. Far-reaching effects. Like this piece that what you are reading now ... and why it would be so sad if you were not there or have not been in this experiment. And fluff sample noses fluff and lint bag as well as the newest member of the couple is what to do with it, or is it just too much ... and it is just something else. Another plant, apart from that ... I think so. Because it is so very mysterious and unclear. An experiment in which you may decide it as a visitor. Come up with your mind. Below find an impression. Who knows where it all leads ... Because everything is still open ... Loe ... The next phase will consist of ... How do I proceed ....
There are several options;
1 do nothing ...
2 Taking pictures of Gautama the Buddha in a wooded area.
3 Gautama the Buddha hanging in the brainstorming process. The series of photos afterwards will consist of the installation in the background in black posters on the brainstorming process, associations and thoughts that induce the plant to me
4 Similar to 3 but by others.
5 Gautama Buddha connect with a long rope with two bones coming ...
6 The book further reading, be put for further steps ...
7 Then there will be revisited again how I go. I will be a time and a location plan or I'm going to do it alone, that's just the question.
8 One way this is to be transformed into a performance and see where I uitkom.Verschillende opportunities have yet to be worked out. Walk with, talk to, talk with, or people to talk to, the "in your face" effect, bumping your head, as a site specific art action, take in a museum, store it in the safe of the museum, drop hanging at a entry, obstruction,
9 My Gautama the Buddha set up in a Buddhist temple
10 organize an exhibition with this theme



Gautama de Boeddha

Robert Pennekamp



Size: 7.9 W x 39.4 H x 5.9 in

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