Giraffe on Fleek Sculpture by Joseph Cunningham

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Giraffe on Fleek

Joseph Cunningham



Size: 4 W x 20 H x 15.5 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Ink, Acrylic, Paint, Gold foil on Cardboard.

The inspiration for the work was the underlying currents along side the aura surrounding everyone. As the viewer begins to spend more and more time with the sculpture I hope it brings deep personal reflection. The work was an array of Inks, Acrylics and Gold leaf. The choice to create obvious layers and order them as I did was important as I feel the first layer was the aura the second was the connections we make the third the gold the most superficial and exterior being presented us is a metaphor for today's human psyche. The giraffe being a little obscure and unusual in the animal kingdom having its own identity manifesting a unique feel, was the most important over all. This fed into the idea of uniqueness in your own environment and playing a role in the grand scheme of its well being. To be loose flowing & natural letting paint ink and gold stick where it wished. It ran or dripped as it deemed appropriate generating a subconscious outcome from the giraffe and its unique identity.