Handcrafted Gaboon Ebony African Impala Antelope Sculpture by Afrika Watua

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Handcrafted Gaboon Ebony African Impala Antelope

Afrika Watua



Size: 24 W x 20 H x 4.5 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood on Wood.

This work was inspired by the initiative to save the population of African wildlife, some of them are almost extinct!!

Impala, they’re among the species of antelopes that beautifully rove the savannah of Kenya, mostly busy feeding. The impalas dot the savannah with their northward horns and bony legs as sitting ducks for beautiful portraiture or behavioural documentation, even as most Kenya visitors turn them a blind eye and pass them by in search of the more ‘charismatic’ Big Five.

They are the unsung beauties of bush and grasslands of Africa. This sculpture represents the elegance of Impala imprinted in Gaboon ebony wood.

This is a call on viewers and people who care (some have never seen antelopes and some have seen them) to feel the beauty of these animals and join the initiative of saving them by stopping illegal trades through poaching.

Every peace of art has a deep way of invoking our inner thoughts and feelings, it's memory and millions of words summarised into a simple frame. This is why art is one of the most important mediums to use and engage the masses.