Incredible Lightning Scarred Serving Board Sculpture by John Eggleston

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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood, Etching, Fractal, Manipulated, Woodcut on Wood.

I have extremely special method that I use to emulate the voltage and amperage of a standard bolt of Lightning and I have used it to run a charge through a wooden serving board made from beautiful Acacia. This process results in a beautiful fractal-pattern that gets singed onto the surface of the timber. These patterns are known as 'Lictenberg Figures' and the often get singed onto various objects and creatures after being stuck by lightning. I hope that my work will impress and leave viewers contemplating all the incredible gifts that mother nature has to offer as they gaze in awe at this beautiful piece.



Incredible Lightning Scarred Serving Board

John Eggleston



Size: 10.2 W x 15.4 H x 0.6 in

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