Is Polyamory The Thing Of The Future? Sculpture by Victoria Marchenkova

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Art Description

Sculpture: LED, Metal, Glass, Interactive, Steel on Glass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Other.

Artwork from Millennials Alchemy project

We should begin from a question: what is a family nowadays?

Working with actual problems of millennials generation, I saw that actual questions of the second half of the xxth century became our version of conservative life. Thin questions and mistakes of the past had been detached from life and framed in steel,
we used to live in situation of ecological mind, flourishing feminism, active development of financial field and so on. all these sounds just like labels of brand new shoes. you can consume if you are interested.

post-industrial economy didn't change the core of these important parts of contemporary life. For example, trend of organic farming is connected with distribution through internet, but we can't say that internet rarely changed farming methods.

and only ethics and relationships are really changing actively.

Family structures are not static by form in contemporaneity. In time of uberization you have truly a wide choice and fast transactions (like tinder), and it became simple as it have never been before. Now we see huge increase in quantity of polyamory families in the world. Does it mean islamization, increase of homosexual marriages with extra parents or 'hippization' of the world. Practically all of this. And that resulted in changing of home concept.

Such traits of contemporaneity as automatization of life, replacement of real experiences with photos and then just 3d models of objects made home virtual. Modern home is a mobile set of belongings which travel from place to place. If things could feel they would never feel at home. As people do. So relationships are not bound to the anchor place and always stay in hot mood with short moments of relax. Persons are always seeking, seeking and seeking what are their best versions of themselves.

There are 3 modes of lights: all lights-on, meditation, and search of synchronization between 4 hearts.


Is Polyamory The Thing Of The Future?

Victoria Marchenkova



Size: 47.6 W x 47.6 H x 3.1 in

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