La Pausada Belleza del Movimiento Acuático


Size: 17 H x 17 W x 4 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: LED, Environmental, Metal, Kinetic and New Media on Plastic, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric) and Other.

"La Pausada Belleza del Movimiento Acuático" its a kinetic sculpture with a motor that moves the water and fabrics around.

I’ve always felt very identified with the underwater timing and rhythms. I often feel like nowadays we spend less and less time for each thing we do, we fill up our day with more and more things to do, and we run around without observing or noticing our surroundings. Sometimes I feel anxious about this, and I feel much slower than everyone else. Thats why I started getting very passionate about the underwater world, how things move there as if they were in slow motion, and also water as an element was also very appealing to me, for its workability and the beautiful shapes and reflections it subtly creates, and how it somehow represents fertility and life in a more symbolic way. I somehow wanted to create a piece that hypnotised you and abstracted you from this fast speed reality we live in, and calmed you down whenever you looked at it, like ocean life does.
Actually the idea for my last sculptures popped into my head while I was scuba diving, which is something I love to do and really really inspires me.

Watch it moving here:

Keywords: Peaceful, Sea, Underwater, Water, Calm, Colour, Mindfulness, Meditation, Movement, Moving, Ocean

Subjects: Water

Styles: Abstract, Modern, Fine Art, Conceptual

Mediums: LED, Environmental, Metal, Kinetic, New Media

Materials: Plastic, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other

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