Libidinous Impulse Sculpture by Annon Immus

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Art Description

Sculpture: Found Objects on Glass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Plastic.

Libidinous Impulse deals with the subject of the Id, that part of the human psyche that rules instinct and desire. In this case the Id is male, meaning belonging to a man's psyche as opposed to a woman's.

It is made of repurposed materials such as a stainless steel bowl, a glass bowl, a discarded bottle of mineral water, a galvanized steel screw and nut, and molten polyethylene from ice cream containers and garbage bags. All materials are highly resistant to the passage of time and I expect them to last for centuries except for some yellowing and crazing of the translucent polyethylene, a normal photochemical process with all resins and plastics. There will also be rusting of the steel, which will complete the work with a patina on the steel components. I considered a chemical patina process, but opted instead for letting nature do the work over the next several decades.


Libidinous Impulse

Annon Immus



Size: 6 W x 16 H x 6 in

This artwork is not for sale.