Life Long Bond Sculpture by stephen greek

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Top edge showing jewerly embeded into paint
Illustrations onto carved old growth redwood planks
Curved grooves allow for simple mounting ('L' hooks included)
Bottom area is embedded with late 20th century jewerly

Art Description

Sculpture: Environmental, Woodcut, Found Objects, Acrylic, Metal on Wood.

A fusion of acrylic painting and heritage jewelry on a canvas of recycled old growth redwood fence boards.
Old Growth Redwood is an ancient wood. An old-growth forest is one that attains age without significant disturbance. As the grain of the wood has its own expression, the form of the style comes through as an abstract piece of work. It’s the grain in the wood that tells us the age of the tree. This piece and all the works soon to come has a very fine grain, meaning this old growth redwood heartwood has taken on the decay resistant characteristics. This art form is about listening to nature. The added diamonds, silver, gold & glass express the other parts of nature. This art can be placed in the garden, upon a patio wall, in a sun room or country cottage to bring in an outdoor rustic appeal. Completely weather proof, all items coated in clear polymer medium, acrylic medium and sealer.



Life Long Bond

stephen greek

United States


Size: 8 W x 37.5 H x 1 in

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