[ MEMORIⒶVENIR ] - "2015-01" Sculpture by S T • T E S K E

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[ MEMORIⒶVENIR ] - "2015-01"

S T • T E S K E



Size: 39.4 W x 39.4 H x 2 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Fabric, Textile, Manipulated, Found Objects, Plastic on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

[ MEMORIⒶVENIR ] - "2015-01"

The silhouette of kimono, mathematical mosaic and flat solids inspired to create that piece which is made only by triangles.

The measurements are in a flat condition.

The artists main subject is the object of jacket since the dawn of his artistic career. During his artistic history he decided to keep faithful in his favor object but to translate in new forms and shapes continuously like a process of metamorphosis.
His work process often starts involving and examination in surface and body/solid questions, experimenting with materials and textures searching a shape.

In this object he is presenting a bastard or offbeat way of thinking outside the box, trying to leave conventions of regular pattern making. Its aim is to find uncommon solutions. Furthermore, the result is a jacket with zero waste in producing this object garment as there was no waste in cutting the fabric. So this piece of art contains a strong political message, in times the world lives in fear of climate catastrophe like global warming and rubbish, etc. Finally, this object presents the message of social deficiency like workers producing in very bad conditions products and get very bad paid, while managers bankrupt companies and achieve payments over and over.
As explained this piece of art contains multiple perspective messages.

Especially the object "2015-01" is created in always using entirely the same equilateral triangles repeatedly. The triangles are all cut out of leftovers from other projects. So, its political position starts from zero waste perspective. During the process of creating it was growing slowly in a surface and changed into a 3d object.

The artist works on the interface of design, textile, fine art, history, society and craft.

Each fine art object comes with a handwritten certificate of authentification and a serial number on the certificate and on the object.

„2015-01“ is a single artwork object only.

For this art object price is calculated with shipping.