Mayhem Sculpture by Frank Cole

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Sculpture: Metal, Wood, Found Objects, Steel, Environmental on Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Steel, Wood, Other.

"Mayhem" - American bison metal sculpture by Frank Cole

Original scrap metal sculpture iconic American bison, commonly called the buffalo.
Bison are an iconic Western specie with a colourful history in the American West. I often ponder what it may have been like to see these vast herds in the late 1700’s. Meriwether Lewis wrote, “… so numerous they darken the whole plains” and soldier George Anderson described a herd so vast it took 6-days to pass. From an estimated 30-million bison these herds where then decimated by market hunters to mere hundreds. Sadly, in 1902, there were an estimated 23 animals left in the Yellowstone ecosystem.
Thanks to wise conservation efforts these beasts are now plentiful, a true success story.

Starting with reclaimed scrap metal and wood, Frank takes these simple discarded boring items and transforms them
into a beautiful new wildlife sculpture, cohesive from all angles This is the essence of strategic thinking.
Through textures and movement my goal is to allow the viewer to subconsciously fill in the gaps. A little cowboy rusty impressionism.

Metal is picked around old homesteads and working ranch's in the Western US as well from my travels around the world. My sculptures have featured reclaimed metal from Argentina, South Africa, Jamaica and Europe. There is not place I visit where I am not picking discarded rusty metal.

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Frank Cole

United States


Size: 19 W x 14 H x 6.5 in

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