Narcissus Sculpture by teresa wells

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Bronze, Steel on Bronze, Steel.

As modern humans we live in a technological age, where we are exposed to instantaneous
connectivity, with a global audience. The internet and mobile technology are changing the way we
communicate and interact. We can access anything we want, whenever we want it, and wherever
we are.
Social media platforms such as ‘Facebook’, ‘You Tube’, ‘Instagram’, and ‘Twitter,’ present fake
realities, creating a sense of inadequacy in one’s ability and appearance. Vanity and arrogance
(the negative traits of one’s persona), are promoted as acceptable, as the selfie is embraced into
normal cultural practice.
This deluge of imagery and information has created a set of shared problems, including,
loneliness, isolation and despair. Social scientists and mental health organisations are attributing
this deluge to increased cases of depression and suicidal thoughts.
In addition, there is a change in the way we are communicating, as we progressively rely on the
written and spoken word using a screen. Physical face to face contact is considered no longer
essential in conveying emotion, ideas, and information. Essentially messages are frequently
misconstrued, as our full range of communication tools, including body language and facial
expression are not seen. Disconcerted, disconnected relationships, a loss of empathic ability
ensue, as we spend more of our time engaged with technology.‘Narcissus’, a bronze and steel sculpture by Teresa Wells MRSS (2018), is inspired by this modern
How do we survive this social and emotional adversity?
The sculpture’s title, draws reference from the Greek myth of the vain youth that fell in love with his
own reflection. Unable to establish a relationship with another, the self-obsessed and isolated
Narcissus was compelled to end his own life.

At 43KG it is the first cast from 1 of 12, made at Paul Kennedy Foundry Services in Shropshire ,
by the sculptor, whilst in residence from 2017-2018. It sits on an acute angled (60%), inverted
triangular steel frame. With an impossible perch, the platform where ‘Narcissus sits, sees him
balanced on the edge, surviving.



teresa wells

United Kingdom


Size: 39.4 W x 70.9 H x 31.5 in

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