Searching For An Answer - 1 Sculpture by Maksim Kuznetsov

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Searching For An Answer - 1

Maksim Kuznetsov



Size: 9.1 W x 16.1 H x 10.2 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Plaster, Marble on Marble, Other.

I produced this sculpture when thinking of the illusions of "reality" we live in our daily lives. It is easy to assume that we are surrounded with unquestionable objects and true facts only until we start doubting them.

Many people who have been raised in religious conditions carry over the belief in god through out their lives as it has been imprinted in their memory and mind at an early age. Some people later find their way without the inconsistent [with science and real world] truth of religious doctrines and beliefs they have adopted. This process of converting a strong belief (e.g. religion) into a positivist/humanist perspective is usually rather painful and associated with the realisation of time wasted in our short lives. Great mental strength is needed to overcome this agony.

My answer to this metaphysical problem is that it can be found in the strongest emotions we experience in our lives.

It seem that the only time we can be really sure about anything existing in this world, and be very certain about it in philosophical terms, is when we go through the torment of agony.

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