Shona Stone Sculptures, Petrified Wood & Perfume Sculpture by NadiaZ Nadia Zuodar

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Shona Art
Shona Art with Desert Rose
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Japanese Spring on agate

Art Description

Sculpture: Resin, Stone, Oil, Environmental, New Media on Stone, Wood, Other.

Zimbabwe has received worldwide acclaim for its captivating stone sculpture art. Because the country is rich in serpentine, verdite and granite rock, it is the ideal place for sculpturing. NadiaZ collects petrified wood art pieces carefully selected for their beauty and the way they marry with NadiaZ Perfume Collection artistic designs. Using petrified wood slices as exhibition platters confers to your perfume collection an inimitable aura of sheer luxury and serenity. NadiaZ supports African Sculptors by working directly with them to develop specially designed products and being an ambassador for their Art.
Using hand-crafted Shona stonework as part of the NadiaZ perfume range incorporates the uniqueness of man-made sculpture, creating a sense of playfulness for the collector, and bringing Perfume to the world of Art.

NadiaZ will help you make your perfume choice within her collection on and then channel your order on saatchiart. You will also be able to choose within the 3 different designs for the rollon holders and 4 designs of faces Each piece is unique and present variations in the way the sculptor carved it but also from the stone itself. The selection of a petrified wood and minerals to build a three dimensional design will depend on your aspirations, NadiaZ will get to know you better in order to seek and make for you a bespoke artpiece.


Shona Stone Sculptures, Petrified Wood & Perfume

NadiaZ Nadia Zuodar



Size: 2.4 W x 3.9 H x 1.2 in

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