Sugar Sculpture by Paul Moschell

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Paul Moschell

United States


Size: 14 W x 27 H x 14 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Resin, Oil, Found Objects, Fiber, Glass on Glass, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Ceramic, Other, Plastic.

New hanging assemblage piece.
Large porcelain Armand Marseille head decoration is paints and glitter and Swarovski crystals. And a Baby Jesus! Vintage copper cat glasses and hand blow glass eyes sewn in (with and extra eye!). Love that.
An antique sugar tin that I ordered from Australia serves as her body. I did some painting and decoration on the tin with thrift store jewelry, an antique piece from a matador’s costume and a lovely pink vintage mother and child pin that I love. Also some metallic trims. A miniature ceramic Siamese cat with blue crystal eyes sits on her shoulder. (Her cat’s name is sugar as well).
I attached a vintage pin cushion to Sugar’s forehead as a fascinator and loaded it up with a nice selection of antique hat pins and denim wrapped beads. Also a decorated, painted and wrapped paint brush from my work desk.
Composition arms that I decorated with acrylic and oil pastel and ribbon and a handmade bracelet. Her arms are hard composition from the knee down with lots of oil pastel and above that old painted spools and huge Indian beads.
Sugar’s shoe’s are antique Victorian baby shoes that button up the side.
LOTS of synthetic dread curls in custom colors on this lil lady! She went to the mall to get a perm but her hair was too long so they told her that her only option was a piggyback perm and then they charged her twice the price!
Sugar is sweet. And beautiful. She hangs from heavy duty monofilament to turn from your ceiling.
Enjoy, Paul.