Sylvia With Six Legs Sculpture by Paul Moschell

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Art Description

Sculpture: Ceramic, Glass, Metal, New Media, Found Objects on Glass, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Plastic.

Sylvia With 6 Legs -
This is Sylvia. She has 6 legs. She is kind of a Mother Nature figure. She loves her flora and fauna. She’s also a big toy. She’s also a tomboy. She is also very cool.
Sylvia has a LOT going on so I’m just going to touch on some highlights. Her six legs are antique wooden factory spools that I painted and distressed. Two of her legs are wearing doll combat boots that I picked up in London and painted and glittered. Combat boots are best with glitter.
Sylvia’s Body is a very cool antique coffee tin - burnt orange with the perfect amount of rust. I used paints and oil pastel on it and it also has the original text about the coffee company it came from in Indianapolis. She has silver leafed composition arms with cool trims, a glass eye and a vintage Catholic rosary charm. A very cool green rusty tea tin lid at her neck and then this BRILLIANT animal themed necklace loaded up with vintage celluloid charms (many marked made in Japan) but often would serve as the prizes in boxes of Cracker Jacks. It’s an absolutely fantastic and rare piece. I had been holding on to it until I built the perfect piece and that finally turned out to be Sylvia.
Sylvia’s head is antique Armand Marseille porcelain and is adorned with a variety of paints, glitter and micro beads. Thrift store earrings and beautiful handmade glass artwork eyes from Germany have been sewn into her head.
Vintage indigo patched Japanese boro fabric serves as her head wrap and I have sewn it with large greenish yellow papier-mâché beads. It also is covered with a vintage metallic mesh fabric hair clip, Catholic pins, a blinking eye, and a large 80s badge that reads “I’m a Big Toy” that I painted on and sealed with a matte finish.
Sprouting out of her wrap is a vintage flocked deer that I glittered and painted and added Swarovski crystal eyes. There is also an very old bisque doll that I painted and decorated, a skull swizzle stick with rhinestone eyes and vintage pink plastic flower petals that I painted and dusted. Quite the crown of fantastic things!
Sylvia’s dreads are metallic bronze and metallic blue. They spray out like a spider trap! They are crocheted, synthetic, thick and knotty. They are very cool.
Sylvia hangs from heavy duty monofilament to turn from your ceiling. She is brilliant from every angle. I hope you love her as much as I do.
Enjoy, Paul


Sylvia With Six Legs

Paul Moschell

United States


Size: 16 W x 30 H x 14 in

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