The Future Memories of a Ghost Town Sculpture by Catalin Domniteanu

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Art Description

Sculpture: Glass, Metal, 3D Sculpting, Bronze, New Media on Glass, Bronze, Other.

“The Future Memories of a Ghost Town” explores the overwhelming feeling of a modern North-American urban architecture. Layers of buildings grow behind, in front and on top of each-other, larger and larger, crushing souls. Gigantesque statures bend one’s confidence. Regular structures with decorative cladding streamlined to nil are intimately close to each-other. Cost-efficiency dictates. Concrete pathways, birch and crushed bricks. The nature hides inside the buildings. The sky is seen through reflections. The indoors expose their guts: trusses, air-ducts, conduits, hubs, sprinklers. On the streets the city’s infrastructure pops-up here, there, everywhere: a landscape of railways, pipelines, gas stations, car dealers, unloading stations and parking lots.
Environmentalism, skyrocket oil production in the Middle-East, hydraulic fracking, remoteness, and provincial discord shut the lights off for good in Calgary. The future visitor recalls the past memories of a city where office buildings are depleted of their regular occupants, usually engineering companies in the oil and gas industry. Viable alternative energy technologies are now in the news. The black lines of windows, as in a negative picture, are where interesting things start happening.
“The Future Memories of a Ghost Town” conforms to the Neoplasticism movement - De Stijl, an architectural style which is mostly used for the infill residential housing in Calgary nowadays. Already vexed by the minimalistic lines of the downtown buildings, my personal taste rebels against the standoffish “stack of boxes” spreading-out in the already too quiet neighborhoods. However, while doing this work I kept asking myself if instead of the democratic affordability of the housing I would rather prefer an aristocratic (or autocratic) besting of architecture where the wealthy/all-powerful raise astonishing palaces and monumental buildings, but where I could only aspire to a visitor status, perhaps in a couple of hundreds of years, while my own home would provide insufficient shelter. The honest answer is no. But luckily, the options haven’t been exhausted. For once, Jacque Fresco caught my attention with an integrated, pleasing urbanism. However, by contrast my “Ghost Town” tells a different story.


The Future Memories of a Ghost Town

Catalin Domniteanu



Size: 33.9 W x 48.8 H x 3.1 in

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