This is Not Jeff Koons


Size: 15.7 H x 15.7 W x 11.8 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Mixed Media and Glazed porcelain on Ceramic and Other.

For a lot of youngsters, the ultimate goal in life is to become famous. Exhibitionism has become the new disease of civilization, and some people are willing to go to extremes to get attention. Often without regarding the consequences.

To comment on this new trend, I turned myself into a famous person and created a sculpture of me. Just like other important people have sculptures made of them.

Hall of Fame contains 16 sculptures on plinths. I used my self portrait as a canvas and painted on faces of famous and important artists and celebrities. The installation is exhibited as a Hall of Fame, including my own authentic self portrait.

The people portrayed all have in common that they are famous for some reason, whether they are talented, done something remarkable or insane, or are victims of medias need to create stories.

They all symbolizes someones Dream

Keywords: Sculpture, Pop Art, Celebreties, Conceptual, Glazed Porcelain

Subjects: Celebrity

Styles: Celebreties, Pop Art, sculpture, Conceptual, glazed porcelain

Mediums: Mixed Media, Glazed porcelain

Materials: Ceramic, Other

Artist Recognition

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