Thoughts of Pinocchio19-12(Ed2/1) Sculpture by Kim Bongsoo

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Art Description

Sculpture: Clay, Bronze on Bronze.

The main theme of my work is selfish duplicity of human beings in desire. At the beginning of my art work, I only focused on showy decoration in most of my pieces to catch people's eyes, aiming to get on the fast track to success. However, I couldn't make myself satisfied with those kinds of effort, which were not in my nature and my true feelings. I started rethinking deeply about what I really wanted to express in my pieces. After reflecting on myself, I realized I might be Pinocchio in this society. I ignored and hid my natural purity to fulfill my wants, and became selfish, greedy, and injudicious to achieve them. By doing so, I lost myself and wasted my precious time. In fact, we maybe all are like the marionette. Many of us seem to masquerade themselves with lies and cheats for money and power in this very competitive society.
I have highlighted these characters of human beings in my pieces. People in my works look gentle and intelligent, but have a long nose. They are being quite, but lying at the same time. They look smart, but do not know what the truth is. By conflicting characters, I represent duplicity of human being in desire.




Thoughts of Pinocchio19-12(Ed2/1)

Kim Bongsoo

South Korea


Size: 10.6 W x 16.5 H x 9.8 in

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Showed at the The Other Art Fair

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Artist featured in a collection

Artist Recognition

Showed at the The Other Art Fair

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Artist featured in a collection

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