Turtle Wax Max Sculpture by Paul Moschell

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Turtle Wax Max

Paul Moschell

United States


Size: 13 W x 28 H x 8 in

Ships in a Box

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Art Description

Sculpture: Found Objects, Wax, Textile, Paint, Resin on Ceramic, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other.

NEW PIECE! "Turtle Wax Max" ~
28 inches tall. The vintage Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover set the tone for creating this piece. I did a lot of painting on it as it was a bit plain originally. For Max's hat, I used an old cerulean blue enamel funnel and covered it with vintage bug brooches. Reworked those with acrylic and oil pastel. His Moschell painted head is porcelain but not super old. It's marked 1986 (great year) on the back which is why Max is also sporting a Thompson Twins pin. Composition arms. Vintage factory wooden spools for legsh- painted. Industrial resin. One from Kentucky and one from Osaka, Japan. AND his hair - soft mohair dreads in grey, green and robin egg blue. Wire and bead bracelets and then beautiful, beautiful, beautiful giant cuckoo clock springs. 1500 lbs fishing line and a touch of glitter (gotta have glitter) and micro beads. Max comes with a hanging kit.