We are the Dreamers by Lita Love Sculpture by The Common Thread Gallery

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Art Description

Sculpture: Fabric, Textile, Textile, Weaving on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Wood.

This handwoven wall art is part of a series of works based on a phrase that comes from a song I learned around a fire many years ago.

“We are the Weavers, We are the Woven Ones

We are the Dreamers and We are the Dream”

The idea behind this phrase is that we are simultaneously creating our own reality while also being shaped by forces much larger than us that are beyond our control. The design of “We are the Dreamers” comes from a process of translating the phrase of words into a woven design, based on a unique numeric code assigned to the words. This process transforms the words, and therefore the energy behind the words, into a geometric pattern. There is an interactive dance in my process between working with the given parameters of the “code” and actively creating the design. Therefore the words are taking on another form by being literally embedded into the design of the fabric. The unseen becomes seen in a new dimension. Words take on a new life as pattern.

As Creators, we have the power to make something out of the circumstances of the life we have been given. On top of the “groundcloth” of the life we were born into, we can weave anything we can dream of. We have the power to transform any circumstance into either something empowering and beautiful, or something destructive and negative, or something that has no meaning at all….

What will we Dream out of the Dream where we find ourselves?

Lita Love was born in South Dakota and has traveled extensively before choosing Costa Rica as her home. Interested in art since childhood, it wasn’t until she was introduced to weaving in 1997 that she became clear on her artistic path. She completed the four year Master Weaving Program at the Hill Institute in Massachusetts and has been committed to pursuing her weaving even while she and her husband lived aboard a tiny sailboat for two years. She eventually shipped two looms to Costa Rica, where she now works in her home studio. Primarily working with Overshot weaving, she explores the limits of traditional weave structures, creating her own signature style in her wall art as well as her line of art-to-wear clothing.


We are the Dreamers by Lita Love

The Common Thread Gallery

United States


Size: 20.5 W x 24 H x 1 in

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