"White Water Pillows" (Sold) Sculpture by Leonne Hendriksen

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"White Water Pillows" detail of the work.
"White Water Pillows" Installed in my studio space.

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"White Water Pillows" (Sold)

Leonne Hendriksen



Size: 78.7 W x 59.1 H x 31.5 in

This artwork is not for sale.
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Art Description

Sculpture: Paper, Watercolor, Acrylic on Paper.

"White Water Pillows"

Traditionally cushions are made for the comfort when lying down or sitting upon hard surfaces. Cushions can be associated with life preservers, ring formed life savers, inflated and light.
These pillows are part of a project in process inspired by the tragedy of refugees trying to cross the sea in desperate conditions.
The material used for the production of these pillows is tracing paper sewed by hand. The choice of tracing paper was done because of its frailness as a symbol of life fragility. Before sewing them by hand, the paper has been painted in acrylics layers, water colors, aniline and graphite. In this way the paper has become water resistant and more flexible. They have three dimensional oval and hexagonal shapes. They are empty and about 10 cm thick and constitute modules for my project in process that will continue in making out a pile of thirty pieces in different skin hues.
The underlying philosophy of this project is the idea of anguish for the sea dangers and the hope for a better human condition and future.
The “White water Pillows” are part of the recent evolution of design widening the orientation to everyday usage.

These soft sculptures reflect my individual style in conceptual art and material experimentation.