mr clement’s Porcelain Sculptures - Season I Sculpture by mr clement

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Art Description

Sculpture: Ceramic on Ceramic.


mr clement’s Porcelain Sculptures, Season I

Nice To Meet You
Reflecting mr clement’s own purported sense of isolation and loneliness, Lapin sculptural depictions frequently are accompanied by objects that provide the sense of being disconnected from the world around them: maps indicating unfamiliarness with their surroundings, knives to keep others at a distance, and sealed letters hinting at the hope of finding a friend. In contrast to this, the first of four designs in the artist’s new Porcelain Sculptures, Season I series is titled Nice To Meet You, the extended arm welcoming a hearty handshake from those it encounters. In fact, the immaculately crafted human hand emerging from the Lapin suit can be easily viewed as the artist’s own, a tribute to the connectivity formed between creator and collector through their shared love of the shape.

I Don’t Care
The second of these roughly 11⅖-inches tall designs is I Don’t Care, the Lapin sticking its tongue outward to playfully avoid meaningful contact. Positioned in an aloof manner, hands embraced behind its back with one foot tilted awkwardly upward, everything about this edition’s form emphasizes an “I Don’t Care” attitude. And yet there seems an unspoken challenge in its “oh shucks” body language, almost a hope that one will peer past its taunting appearance and see the loveable beast within.

I Hide Nothing
With all these glazed porcelain editions handmade by mr clement at his Lapin Factory visual art production house, these sculptural progenies are the result of overcoming countless failures in the creation process. Showing pride in the completely hand-crafted nature of his “children”, mr clement’s I Hide Nothing design splays open its chest, allowing examination of its finely formed interior. Serving a secondary, conceptual purpose of viscerally depicting its title, the piece’s in this edition are indeed true to their name: between their blank stare and innards literally being nothing, these Lapin renditions are a mere shell that must be accepted at face value.

Inner Beauty
The fourth and final form in Porcelain Sculptures, Season I is titled Inner Beauty, a revisiting of a concept employed by mr clement starting with his Petit Lapin Museum 2012 – Please Forget Me variations. While the artist’s depiction of a skull underneath the Lapin mask can be viewed simply as a memento mori, a tribute to mankind’s transient existence, it can similarly be seen as a symbolic representation of the artist himself, a statement akin to “this is what I’ve done, please don’t forget me when I’m gone”. Either way, as these are cast in a ceramic material that is estimated to survive 2000 years or more, these would be a fitting and enduring testament to the concept.





mr clement’s Porcelain Sculptures - Season I

mr clement



Size: 5.9 W x 11.6 H x 3.1 in

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