Natalia Wallwork

Natalia Wallwork

Santa Ana, Central America, Costa Rica

About Natalia Wallwork

Natalia Wallwork is truly international person ( b.1964 ) Russian borne, lived 17 years in New Zealand , currently Costa Rica based painter known for her soft pastel and ink works on paper. Her pastel works are inspired by love to Nature and attention to details.She creates a sense of depth through various techniques and textures that vary between smooth and rhythmic stripes. She intent is to show positive, vibrant energy through each artwork. Each layer interact with the one before it - the end of result is on front of you.


Master of Art ( History)
Master of Social Policy and Planning
Self - taught artist


Natalia won a few top awards through competitions on Fine Art America.


2017 International Art Exhibition Atenas CR
2017 International Art Exhibition Tamarindo CR
2018 Personal Art Exhibition Boquete Panama
2019 Join Art Exhibition Boquete Panama
Arts by Natalia are in private collections in USA, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Panama, China, Spain, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Austria , Romania , Argentina and Luxembourg.