Dumitru Stefan

Dumitru Stefan

Focsani, Vrancea, Romania

About Dumitru Stefan

Ștefan Dumitru (Yenco)
Born in Focșani, Vrancea, Romania / December 7, 1973;
Member of the U.A.P. (Artists Union of Romania), Vrancea branch
Curently - Painting teacher at "Gheorghe Tattarescu" High School of Arts, Focșani
Web: stefandumitru.wix.com/artquake

From personal exhibitions:

"DUET" 2015

Ştefan Dumitru is not particularly attached to any working method and is always interested in experimenting with various, supports (canvas, cardboard, wood) and combined techniques (acrylic, oil, tempera, bitumen, etc.). This is why some of his works escape the definition of conventional painting to become equally decorative and fine-art objects. Ştefan Dumitru's compositions are not confined to one manner of expression, but maintain a balance between figurative and abstract. The artist is deeply concerned with the relationships between shapes and colors, between full and empty spaces, as well as with the play of light and shadow. Several series can be identified in his work: “Windows” - seen not only as bridges between the inside and the outside, but rather as passageways between worlds, “Structures” - opportunities of artistic inquiry and continuous experiment, and “Fragments” - compositions that reveal his interest in the anatomical detail that is likely to accommodate new and unexpected meanings. Overall, a certain appetite for fragmentariness, for focusing on detail rather than the whole, can be recognized as a distinctive feature of Ştefan Dumitru's approach.

Art critic, Luiza Barcan


Ştefan Dumitru has his own precisely defined role in this new visual display, with works that are more cerebral in approach, although not completely lacking a tendency towards introspection. Ştefan Dumitru's paintings, also in acrylic and oil, are placed on the extremely volatile boundary between figurative and non-figurative and are remarkably sound in structure. The symbolic images are present in his paintings, too, but rather as pretexts, as centers that concentrate a palimpsest of motifs to which new meanings are assigned. Faces and objects selected from the visible universe undergo a process of dissolution and recomposition of forms and of unexpected positioning in the composition, putting the viewer in the position to witness a transfiguration.
Ştefan Dumitru's works can be seen as bridges between the visible and the invisible world, between the exterior universe perceived with the painter's inherent sensibility and the interior one where the metaphoric images of the self are born.

Art critic, Luiza Barcan


1998 Graduated of the University of Arts "Luceafărul" -
painting department/Bucharest
1992 - Graduated of the Pedagogical High School / Focsani


Group Exhibitions: 2018 "Salon of graphic Little "Brăila / 2017 Group exhibition ,,Contact“ Brăila 2017 - 2015 "Salon of graphic Little " - Brăila 2017 National Salon of Fine Arts TEMEIURI (BASIS) –XII edition ”The sleep and the dream”2017 Inter districtual exhibition „Signs of Spring” – Art Gallery ”Artex”, Vâlcea 2017 "Art Fair” XXV edition "Artex", Gallery Vâlcea / 2016 Group Exhibition ,,Signs” – "Steps of History" Museum Focșani / 2014-2017 Summer Salon –Art Gallery Focșani / 2016 "Biennial International Miniature Art" Timişoara - Mansarda Gallery / 2016 Exhibition "Blur" - Bucharest Lounge Visual Arts Center - Home Art Gallery P + E / 2015 ”Spring Salon", Art Galleries, Focșani / 2014 nomination at "Moldavian Salons" edition XXIV / 2014 International Biennial "Ion Andreescu ", Buzău, edition IX / 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Salon of graphic Little "Brăila / group Exhibition - Annual UAP members Vrancea - Focsani Art Galleries; April 2012 - charity exhibition "Blue Dream" at Focsani mall promenade / 2010 "Moldavian Salons" - Exhibition - Suceava, Bacău, Chișinău; March 2010 - Exhibition of group - "Trinket Salon" / 2009 - Art Fair - Fourth Edition - Art Gallery Focșani; 2009 Members Exhibition U.A.P. Vrancea; 2006 - Art Fair - Edition, Art Galleries Focșani; 2003 - Exhibition of Contemporary Visual Art, Art Gallery Focșani; 2002 - Group Exhibition, Art Gallery Focșani; 2001 - Group Exhibition, Art Gallery Focșani; 2000 - Group Exhibition, Art Gallery Focșani; 1998 - Graduates Exhibition, Gallery "Galla" Bucharest; 1996 - Group Exhibition, Art Gallery Focșani;
Individual exhibitions: 2015 - Duet ,, "Art Galleries Focșani / 2008 - Individual Exhibition - Gallery" Hidalgo "Focșani; 2004 - individual exhibition, Romanian Cultural Centre in Vienna, Austria; 1994 - individual exhibition, Popular Athenaeum "Mr. Gheorghe Pastia "Focșani; 1993 - Individual exhibition, "Coagulation" Popular Athenaeum "Mr. Gheorghe Pastia "Focșani;