Luis Martin

Luis Martin

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Luis Martin

Collage, to me, is the most democratic art practice one can create. It is political, accessible and spiritual. My collage work is a stream of conscience practice, that allows me to explore narratives that emerge after each piece is completed. My appropriation of each image gives me the power to show my very personal point of view with a myriad of synchronicities and codes visual language.

I created the term “The Art Engineer” to remind myself of the power artists have to “engineer” and show the possibilities of a self defined reality. By creating conversation about identity and pop-culture's excess, my work becomes a mirror that reflects the familiar in altered perspectives.


Fashion Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Fine Art, 2007



Soho Print Shop Pop-up, New York

Yellow Chair, David&Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn NY

ATM, Cigarettes, Flowers and Lottery, Wayfarers, Brooklyn NY

Surtex, Solo Project, New York


Altar In Miami, Solo Project, X Contemporary, Miami FL

Forging Monuments Solo Show, ACS Gallery, Chicago IL

Seeking Space, David&Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn NY

184 Russell, In0House Group, NY

#WIP, Urban Studio NY

United In Craft, Mount Gay Rum, NY

Tiempo.Memoria, Museo MIIT, Turin, Italy

Parallel Lives: NY/Chicago, NXT Level Gallery/ Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

Through the Rabbit Hole, Life on Mars, Sideshow, Gallery New York

Neumann Plus One, Proto Gallery, New Jersey

Paper Mirrors, The Annex Social Space
Last Dance Saint Nichols Alience
Summer Thesis, Parenthsis Art Space
Body of Work, Yogaland Art Space
The Weekend, Yonkers #YAW Pop-up


Gifted, Sugarlift, Brooklyn
AiB BOS POP UP, Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn
Framed Practices, Parenthesis Art Space, Brooklyn
#YAW, Torch Gallery POP UP, Yonkers, NY
Bridges Bushwick, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn
Revolutum, Harlem School of the Arts, NYC


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Curitorial Projects

Summer Thesis, Group Show
Lucid Moments: Chris Baily
Windowsill, Emilia Olsen

Gifted, Sugarlift Brooklyn
Intertwined: Annesta Le, Parenthesis Art Space
UVO Marco Gugglilmino, WIX
Group Think Projects: Strangers WIX
Monochromes: Clovis Pareiko
Framed Practices, Parenthesis Art Space, Brooklyn
Wet Paint, Parenthesis Art Space, Brooklyn
2013 Last Minute But Forever First, Parenthesis Art Space, Brooklyn