Markus Schlee

Markus Schlee

munich, Germany

About Markus Schlee

1961 born at Munich, living and working at Munich and Rome

Markus Schlees vision of art is an universal one. So he realizes his ideas in his artwork in paintings, sculptures, installations, conceptual art, photography and design. Having used for long time exclusively abstract forms, colour fields and raw materials he is turning now to introduce figurative and illusionistic elements in his work too. His great inspiration is the idea of arcady and he is trying to create objects which can give an impulse for the imaging of this philosophical topos, for example the colour field paintings of the girl characters, the installation "arcady research project", the serie of photography "the reality of the myth". Markus Schlees works ar showing a very intense dialogue with the material of realization too, so that the objects do not remain only realizations of an idea, but becoming beings with an own story too.


since 1978 public and private orders and purchases in Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada, South Africa and the United States
1982-88 studies at the Accademy of Art at Munich with prof. Sauerbruch
1983-88 scholarship for highly endowed students
1984 purchase by the Art Collection of the Bavarian State
award of the foundation "Fanny Carlita"
since 1985 several study stays in Italy
1986-87 concept, project and construction of a private church and concept for the mural paintings
1987 concrete as principal material theme / elementary sculptures
1988 award "Matthias Pschorr" by the city of Munich
purchase by the Artotheque of Munich
mural paintings in an underground station ordered by the city of Munich
1988-90 several lectureships for restoration (scetch, conceptual design, perspective, design of construction)
1988-99 teacher of art at high school and college
1990 award for sculpture by the italian art magazine ARTE
1992 sponsorship for an art project by the Goethe Institute
study stay at Greece
1996-2000 participation at the european art project THE ROMAN TRACE (curator: Walter Aue, Berlin)
1997 sponsorship for an art project by the Goethe Institute
since 1999 instructor of teachers of art (high school and college)
since 2000 underground sculptur JUPITER III installated at the roman forum of CAMBODUNUM Kempten
since 2005 lectureship at the Accademy of Arts at Rome


1985 Arts Club / House of Arts / Munich*
Art and Music / Accademy of Music / Munich*
1987 The Great Exhibition / House of Arts / Munich*
Sauerbruch and his Students / House of Culture / Wiesloch
1988 Pictures and Objects / St. Johns Church / Eichsttt
Artists of the Collection / Artotheque / Munich
1989 Elementary Art / Gallery of the Artists / Munich*
Torsi I / Palace of the City / Lauingen (E)*
The Young West / Hall of Arts / Recklinghausen*
Torsi II / Forum of New Art / Munich (E)*
Artists of Munich / Council House / Munich
1990 The First Years of Professionality / Gallery of the Artists / Munich*
Premio Arte `90 / Finarte / Milan, Italy*
1990 Open Air Sculptures II / Meadow of Arts / Rosenheim (S)
Premio Arte `90 / Finarte / Rome, Italy
1991 Open Air Sculptures III / Meadow of Arts / Rosenheim (S)
10x10x10=Art / Art House / Wiesloch*
1992 Arts without Frontiers / Bottini dellOlio / Livorno, Italy*
Bavarian Art Today / National Museum / Wroclaw (Breslau), Polonia*
Arts without Frontiers / Palazzo Lanfranchi / Pisa, Italy*
Frequences / Academy of Arts / Veszprem, Hungary*
Open Air Sculptures IV / Meadow of Arts / Rosenheim (S)
1993 Energy Objects AmperE / monastary of Frstenfeld / Munich
1994 Mass and Space / Gallery Rosso Tiziano Arte / Piacenza, Italy (E)*
1995 Light and Art / industrial area / Bamberg
1996 Opus Zementium / Z1 / Berlin (S)*
Insertion I / Holy District / Gaujac, France (T/E)*
Insertion II / Camp of Cesar / Laudun, France (T/E)*
Insertion III / Roman Forum Glanum / St. Remy, France (T/E)*
1997 Art and Architecture / House of Culture / Miesbach (S)
Insertion IV / Roman Water Distributor / Nmes, France (T/E)*
Insertion V / Archeological Park / Uzs, France (T/E)*
Insertion VI / Pont du Gard / Provence, France (T/E)*
The Roman Trace II / Mdiathque / Uzs, France*
1998 The Roman Trace III / Goethe Institute / Marseille, France*
Artists of Lazio / Palace of Culture / Selci, Italy
1997 The Roman Trace IV / Haus am Waldsee / Berlin*
1999 Orto Universale / BTU / Cottbus
2000 The Roman Trace V / Hall of Arts / Rosenheim*
Art Trace Roman Trace / Archeological Park Kempten (S)*
2001 Excavating The Future / Villa di Giulio Cesare / Baia, Italy (E)*
2004 Arcady Research Project / National Museum of Romania Brukenthal / Sibiu, Romania (E)*
2005 > in Arcady / Gallery of the District of Upper Bavaria / Munich (E)*

* catalogue / documentation
(E) personl exhibition / personal project
(S) symposium and exhibition
(T) temporary installation / action


Future Shows: Helios I
(Installation of a immage creating sundial)
National Museum of Antique Art of Rome
Palazzo Massimo, Rome, Italy