Andrius Miezis

Andrius Miezis

Kretinga, Klaipeda, Lithuania

About Andrius Miezis

ANDRIUS MIEZIS - the Punk of Art.
He studied architecture and never learned painting. Probably because of it he is free, independent and not disappointed artist. Free from the influences of academic way of teaching, sympathy or antipathy.

Looking at his works, it is impossible to identify either the author’s age or nationality, which makes the artist universal. His works are enjoyed by various nationalities and representatives of all age groups.

MIEZIS style is psychedelic pop surrealism.

MIEZIS heroes are various anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and all other creatures, to which the author gives human characteristics, feelings, weaknesses and fears.

MIEZIS paintings are graceful and attractive. In order to understand the message and capture the energy isnot enough to glance at them, but more time needs to be spent.

The artist’s works contain a lot of philosophy, humor, irony, subtle lyricism.

There is all that is needed for a good work of art.

ANDRIUS MIEZIS was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1970.

He grew up in Vilnius, finished High School, studied architecture.

He began participating in exhibitions in 1992 and since then has been working as a free artist (except for 1998-1999, when he taught history of art at Franciscan Gymnasium in the 10-12th forms).

In 2002, received the ‘Kreis Lippe’ scholarship and spent six months on internship in Germany.

In addition to painting, Andrius Miezis spares much of his time to digital creations – digital music as well as digital photo-mixes. His first digital music CD was published in 2008. Although as he has once said: “I “play” only one instrument and that is computer“.


2018 – personal exhibition at Egles sanatorium, Druskininkai, Lithuania.
2018 – personal exhibition at business centre k29, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2018 – Eating Beauty, personal exhibition at Pilies gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2018 – Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong.
2018 – Affordable Art Fair Milano.
2017 – Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong.
2017 – Exhibition of Lithuanian artists "Lithuanian Art - Destination London", D Contemporary gallery, London (Great Britain).
2016 – Group exhibition "Quartet - Lithuanian accents" at the Leitzkau Schloss Castle Gallery (Germany)
2016 – Republican exhibition in DOMUS gallery (Vilnius).
2016 – Republican exhibition "NATIURMORTAS. Contemporary Context in Tradition" at LDS Gallery ARKA (Vilnius).
2015 – International Art Fair ARTVILNIUS 2015, Litexpo Palace (Vilnius).
2014 – International exhibition "Road / Road / Road" by Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian Artists' Union at the gallery ARKA (Vilnius).
2014 – Exhibition "NO PROBLEM" with Migle Kosinskaite in LDS Gallery ARKA (Vilnius)