Elena Asseeva

Elena Asseeva

Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Region, Russia

About Elena Asseeva

"...The sketchy drawing and the pleasure of the simple narration - these are the dowries of the artist Elena Asseeva. The immediacy of these drawings has given to her artworks the "felliniane" atmosphere, oneiric and surreal, full of carnival and allegory. The style of the artist is adulterated and infantile at the same time, fairy and fantastic, full of mirrors and imagination. We can notice an affinity with the paintings of Marc Chagall, especially in the free and dreamy, full of illusions, language they both use..." (Daniele Radini Tedeschi, Professor of Art History, Art Critic, Curator, for the catalog of exhibition "Il Piacere" (Galleria Consorti, Rome, 2010))

Elena Asseeva (born 26.02.1975). Russian Artist and Graphic Designer. Lives both in Russia (Gelendzhik) and in Italy (Rome, Cerveteri). Since 2003 a Teacher of Graphic Design and Compositionl. Member of Professional Union of Designers (Russia).

Winner of grant of the G.Soros Center of Contemporary Arts (St. Petersburg), Medal in "Graphics" Nomination of "Premio della Lupa" (Rome), the nominee of several awards in Contemporary Art in Italy.

In collection of Krasnodar State Museum of Arts (Russia), Novorossiysk Museum of Visual Arts, Gelendzhik City Museum, Gelenzhik Exhibition Hall, Slavic Foundation (Moscow).

Works are in private collections in different countries.

Collaborates with gallery IN (Novorossyisk) and gallery Ardena (Moscow, Slavic Foundation).


- Art and Industrial Graphics, Kuban State University (1995)

- St.Petersburg University of Humanities, Art History (1998), Ph.D. in Art History (St.Petersburg University of Humanities, 2002)

- Research Program on Russian Art at Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies(Harvard,USA).


From 15/02/2019 till 03.03.2019 an exhibition "From the other side of the cloud" in the Central Exhibition Hall of Gelendzhik (Russia).


2019 "Pilgrimage" Project during "From the other side of the cloud" project in the Central Exhibition Hall of Gelendzhik (Russia).
2017-2018, "Heart Beating", 5th Biennial of Contemporary Art in Novorossiysk, until 30 of October 2017 till march of 2018, Novorossiysk;
2017, "Heart Beating", City Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik; 2016 "Circulation", Uomo Aeterno project, gallery In Art, Novorossiysk; 2015 "Circulation", Uomo Aeterno project, City Exhibition Hall; 2015 the Caucasus Morpheus project on the Fourth Novorossiysk Biennial of the modern art; 2014 Christmas carols project, Renessans gallery, Kempinsky Grand hotel Gelendzhik; 2014 Kaliadki project, Christmas Autograph, City Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik; 2012 Caucasus Morpheus project, Officina Fotographiche; 2011 Uomo Introspettivo Project, Krasnodar State Museum of Arts, Russia; 2011 Charity Exhibition, Ardena Gallery, Moscow; 2011 "Triennale di Roma", Complesso Monumentale Museale L'Agostiniana, Rome; 2011 "Trofeo Internazionale Medusa Aurea XXXIV", Academia d' Arte Moderna, Rome; 2011 "Il gesto e i moti dell'animo", Domus Talenti Gallery, Rome; 2011 "Tradizione e Innovazione nell' Arte", Degli Zingari Gallery, Rome; 2011 Art Karlsruhe, OSTWIND Richard Verlag Project, Germany; 2011 Nominees exhibition "Premio della Lupa", Sheraton Hotel, Rome; 2010 "I Segreti della Natura",Il Leone Gallery, Rome; 2010 "Uomo Introspettivo Project", Art Manege, Moscow; 2010 "Art Preview", Kino Gallery, Moscow; 2010 "Il Piachere: Dal Colore alla Forma", Consorti Gallery, Via Margutta, Rome; 2010 Fanagoria Art Prize, nominees exhibition in Sotchi Art Museum, Sotchi; 2010 Fanagoria Art Prize, nominees exhibition in Krasnodar State Fine Art Museum, Krasnodar; 2010 "Abstractly about Concrete", Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow; 2010 "Nostalgia", Ardena Gallery, Moscow; 2010 "Eu Project", Artesania, New Manege, Moscow; 2007 "Design Land", 10th Russian Design Forum, Sochi; 2003 "New New England", Central Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik; 2002 "Books of Sand", Central Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik; 2000 "Modulor", Graphic Design Biennale, St. Petersburg; 2000 "To Memory of Seagull", Central Exhibition Hall, Gelendzhik; 1996 "Second Student Exhibition", St. Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences; 1993 "My Kuban", Student Exhibition in Central Exhibition Hall, Krasnodar; 1990 "Young Artists from Russia", Panama, USA.