Astrid Stoeppel

Astrid Stoeppel

Weilheim, Bayern, Germany

About Astrid Stoeppel

Professional contemporary artist born and based in Germany with a passion for bright pure colors and geometric shapes. Astrid's works are part of many public and private collections in the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, UAE, the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany. Works on commission are welcome!

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University of Munich


Featured collections by Saatchi Art: "Eye Candy 2015", "By price: Bright abstracts 2015" with "Even colors!" and "Large abstract paintings 2015" with "Colorato7!", "New this week 2015" with "Colorato4!" and "New abstracts 2015" with "Colorful minis!"

ARTIST OF THE DAY: 24th December 2015 with "Lost lines!"

"New Pop Art" with "Dotted!" 2016

"Curated Salon Wall: New Minimalist Works" 2017, "Inspired by Yves Klein Blue collection" 2017, "In Celebration of Yayoi Kusama" 2017,
"New this week" July 2017 with Colorful bars!, "Colorful Abstractions" September 2017, "Playful Patterns-Geometric" September 2017, "New this week" October 2017 with "Lacy colors!", "Art gifts" November 2017 with "Stripes #1", "New this week" December 2017 with "Lacy square!", "New this week" December 2017 with "Lacy grey!", "Minimalist works" December 2017 with "Golden green dot!"

"New this week" May 2018 with "Spray dots!", "Pop Art" June 2018 with "Nature lines!", "Mid-century Modern Works" September 2018 with "Colorful minis!", "New this week" October 2018 with "Blacklight stripes!", "Inspired by Lichtenstein: New Pop Art" November 2018 with "Lacy colors #4" and "Blacklight stripes!"

"New Nordic Neutrals" February 2019 with "Colorfields #2", "New Abstract Paintings" February 2019 with "Nature harmony #1", "Circular Logic" February 2019 with "Colorful needles!", "For the love of dots" March 2019 with "Jumping colors" and "Confetti", "Clean lines" April 2019 with "Formation #6", "New this week" May 2019 with "Vinyl #3", "The Caribbean" June 2019 with "Caribbean formation", New this week" July 2019 with "Sprinkled dot #4", "Minimalist Works" July 2019 with "Colo rato", "New this week" July 2019 with "Nature harmony #3", "New this week" August 2019 with "Paperwork #3", "New this week" August 2019 with "Sprinkled dot #8", "New this week" September 2019 and October 2019 with series "Paperwork", "New this week" November 2019 with "Nature lines!, "Best of painting 2019" and "Best of Sculpture" December 2019

March 2019: part of the #REFUSE TO BE THE MUSE campaign by Saatchi Art - special edition of a printed CATALOG

"Pantone color of the year" January 2020, "BESTSELLING WOMEN ARTISTS OF ALL TIME" March 2020, "Inspired by Kusama" March 2020, "Spring Cleaning: Minimalist Works" April 2020, "Best of Abstracts" May 2020, "Industrial" June 2020, "Best of 2020" June 2020, "Colorful Pop Works" June 2020, "Arresting Abstracts" June 2020, "Best Selling Painters" August 2020

September 2015 production of a special edition of vine labels designed with fluid paintings initiated by the Naturfreundehaus Bodensee and winery Engelhof

since October 2015 brand ambassador of the company Winsor & Newton

April 2016: Art book "Woman's Essence" and Art book "Internationale Kunst heute 2016"

April/May 2016: Aesthetica Art&Design Magazin article

December 2016: Spectrum Miami (digital) The Artbox.projects

April 2017: German Art book "Who's who in visual art"

June 2017: Basel 1.0 (digital) The Artbox.projects

September 2017: Vis à Vis Magazine article (in german)

October 2017: "Colorful lines" in charity auction - Lions/Rotary Club Germany

April 2018: Alessandro Berni Gallery New York - Artsy

June 2018: part of the 12 artists - limited edition prints campaign 2018 - Artboost limited

July 2019: cooperation with the german design company JUPIDUU

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ARTSY "Art under Covid-19" Visual Exhibition December 2020 - January 2021

CLIO Art Fair NEW YORK March 2020

ART BASEL MIAMI 2019 with Alessandro Berni Gallery New York - Aqua Art Show 2019

Germany: Show "Viva i colori" overpainted photographs June 2019

CLIO Art Fair NEW YORK March 7-10th, 2019

ART BASEL MIAMI 2018 with Alessandro Berni Gallery New York - Aqua Art Show 2018

Germany: Solo show "Blacklights" - Light Art Festival Weilheim October 2018

Germany/Landsberg "Planet earth and Colorful acrylics" solo exhibition 2th March - 30th June 2018

The Other Art Fair Brooklyn - New York November 2017

Antwerp Belgium "For optimists only" May-Aug 2017 and "Summer show" Jul-Sept 2017 Nassau42 Fine Arts Gallery

Paris France "Woman's Essence" April 2017

Germany: Solo exhibition "Colorful acrylics" Aug-Sept 2016

Riccione Italy "EstatArte" August 2016

Bergamo Italy "Heart" May 2016

Cesenatico Italy "Vivere a colori" April-June 2016

Milan Italy "Woman's Essence" April 2016

Rome Italy - Flyer Art Gallery "Joyful colors 4 Christmas" December 2015

Rome Italy - Flyer Art Gallery "International Art Expo Rome" October 2015

London - The Brick Lane Gallery "Contemporary Art" May 2015

Florence Italy - Galleria Merlino Bottega d'Arte "Experiments" November 2014

Weilheim/Germany: Several Solo-Exhibitions 2012-2017