Attila Nagy

Attila Nagy

Waterford, Co.Waterford, Ireland

About Attila Nagy

My name is Attila Nagy. I was born on the 18th of February, 1962 in Szeged, Hungary.
I am from Röszke, which is a village right beside the Serbian border, 14km to the South of Szeged.

I moved to Ireland in 2006 in the hope of a 'better' life. In the following year, my wife and my three children joined me.

Art has been part of my life since my early years.
I always liked drawing, painting, carving, 'sculpting' etc..
Some have said I have talent at these things.
Even though I have been doing physical work for a living all my life, deep down art was always part of my life. As years have past, I have had more and more inspiration until I was fully aware of this 'thing' wanting to 'break out' of me, that I have to 'create'.

I like emotionally linked, creative, 'food for thought' or simply beautiful things.
I spent a lot of time making 'mosaic pictures' using tiles. (I do not feel that this is fully completed yet).

I do not have a certain style since I have no paper nor education of art. Logically, I was self-educated.
First, I have studied art-books and got help from others. They filled me in on their experiences and opinions. Later on, I started using the Internet which kind of solved all my problems study wise.

I am aware of the fact that I have a lot more to learn.
Now, let my work do the rest of the talking.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Costguard Cultural Centre Gallery, Tramore, Co.Waterford, Ireland in 2016

Costguard Cultural Centre Gallery, Tramore, Co.Waterford, Ireland
(for 2 weeks starting the 26th of May 2019)