Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose

Phoenix, AZ, United States

About Autumn Rose

I was raised by an incredibly creative mother: a seamstress, a painter, and a portrait artist. My father is an inventor and naturally I inherited the creative gene, too. I am a free spirit; I love to laugh, love to paint, and I love people! My husband is an accountant and I am an me, we are the perfect

My inspiration comes from colors in nature and fabrics, and textures. That is what my art is all about, color and texture!! I love being around other artists; they always inspire me.

I adore all types of art, but painting has become my true love. My art is a real reflection of my personality, and the passion I have for life.


Attended school for graphic design in Oregon, and after taking classes in drawing and color theory, I fell in love with traditional media. I began painting, and love it more every day.